Guitar legend Slash is currently touring Australia, and recently helped Steve Irwin’s father launch his own wildlife foundation.

Slash made an appearance at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane to help kick off the Bob Irwin Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

The pair first met at the Soundwave Music Festival in 2010: “He brought some animals down to Soundwave so we got to actually meet – I was really starstruck,” said Slash. “Ever since I can remember from childhood I’ve liked snakes and reptiles and animals in general. But snakes in particular.”

The new foundation aims to provide support for conservation groups working at a grassroots level.

“This man is known throughout the world, he has a massive following of all ages of people and the best thing about this guy is he is right into conservation, and I love him,” said Bob. “I’m just an ordinary Aussie bloke, that cares about our future and cares about our kids and I feel really, really sad that if we don’t have organisations that are going to look after the environment, our wildlife and our planet as a whole, then my grandchildren and your grandchildren are not going to see what I have seen in my lifetime and that will be really, really sad.”


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