Beginning this week, Oklahoma based charity Water4 Foundation is inviting Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers and Pinterest pinners to express their gratitude for the free flowing water they are fortunate enough to enjoy by uploading personal photos and videos which express the answer to the question, What Does Water Mean to You?

For each photo submitted, a generous donor has pledged to make a contribution of $5 in the submitter’s name to Water4. Further, anyone, including a submitter, who makes a $5 donation to Water4 during the contest, which will run until midnight on December 31st, will have their $5 donation matched by the same donor.

Water4 co-founders Richard and Terri Greenly and Grammy Award winning Christian singer and Water4 supporter Sandi Patty will choose the best three photo submissions. The three photo contest winners will each receive the honor of having a well dug and a pump installed and named for their families. Also, each of the winners will receive 4 hand-crafted fair trade bracelets purchased from women in Dehli, India to share with their family members.

In 1901, Water4 Co-Founder Terri Greenly’s great grandmother won a dry plot of land in the lottery, instilling in the family the importance of having access to fresh water and leading them to learn how to pump their own. They went on to use their knowledge and experience in the water well industry to help address the world water crisis and in 2008, RIchard and Terri Greenly founded Water4 to endeavor to end the world water crisis. Most Americans are blessed with clean water today, but every 22 seconds around the world a child dies from preventable water-related disease.

“Terri and I are thrilled to host this contest to raise awareness and support for Water4 and for the solution to the little known, worst crisis of humanity, the lack of clean drinking water to the bottom billion in the world. For the first time in history, this solution to fixing the world’s water crisis (4000+ child deaths per day) is within our grasp,” says Richard Greenly, Co-Founder of Water4.

“It is an honor for me to co-host this contest with Richard and Terri Greenly and Water4 and to help bring attention to this issue which is important to every person on this planet,” adds Sandi Patty. “Water4 offers a simple and sustainable solution to the water crisis by not just getting clean water to people but by teaching them to get clean water to themselves. The holiday season gives us the chance to give back and show how grateful we are for the good fortune with which we have been graced, to do something to help those who haven’t been as lucky as we.”

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