Peter Buffett needs your help with an upcoming music video.

From Facebook: "I hope you’ll be a part of a video that could create meaningful change! I’m still looking for pictures – girls from newborn until their teenage years. They’ll be used for the music video for “Silence Broken”; a song and video that came from my personal experience of hearing young women talk about how they were abused and trafficked.

“This is a very difficult subject that is very rarely exposed to a wider world. The point of the video is to show the beauty of childhood against the text written by girls I met at GEMS (an amazing organization) – about their experiences and their feelings of isolation. It promises to be a very powerful piece contrasting what is alive in a child and what should never happen to anyone. A full disclaimer will be included at the beginning of the video making it clear that the text and personal images are not connected.

“Please contact to send us your pictures or ask any questions. Thank you for your support!”

Find out more here.

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