Ted Danson Mr. Mayor Oceana PSA

Ted Danson Mr. Mayor Oceana PSA Watch

Pour It Forward | Water.org & Stella Artois | :30

Millions of people live without access to clean water. Thanks to Stella Artois’ partnership with Water.org, every pour can help give access to clean water to someone who needs it. And that’s how you Pour It Forward. Enjoy Stella Artois. Give water. Change lives. Watch

Aquaman's Patrick Wilson Wants You To Be An Ocean Hero

Everyone can be an #OceanHero. Patrick Wilson, who stars as Orm/Ocean Master in Aquaman, is calling on YOU to join Oceana in protecting the world’s oceans. Oceana has won more than 200 important victories across the globe and protected more than 4.5 million square miles of ocean. But the fight’s not over yet. Watch

Malala introducing the The Worlds Largest Lesson HD

Malala Yousafzai speaks about the urgent mission she would like everyone to support. Watch

Matt Damon, Co-Founder, Water.org: Innovating to end the water crisis

Matt Damon, Co-Founder, Water.org: Innovating to end the water crisis Watch

Lauren Conrad Wants to Save the Sea Turtles

Fishing gear designed to capture some of our favorite fish is threatening sea turtle survival. In June 2015, Lauren Conrad and Oceana traveled to the Rancho Nuevo Sea Turtle Sanctuary in Mexico where the world’s most endangered species, Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles, come to nest on its beaches. Watch

Leave a Mark with Matt Damon and Water.org | Buy a Lady a Drink | Stella Artois

Around the world, women spend millions of hours a day collecting the water they need for their families. Stella Artois has partnered with Matt Damon and Water.org to help give them that time back. Together we can be the generation remembered for ending the global water crisis. Watch

Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth on board Oceana Ranger

Elsa Pataky and her husband, Chris Hemsworth, spent a day with an expedition being carried out by Oceana to document previously unexplored depths off Malta. It is the first time Oceana ambassador Elsa and her husband have visited the Oceana Ranger. The expedition is part of the LIFE BaĦAR for N2K project. Watch

Cobie Smulders Hidden Treasures PSA

Actress Cobie Smulders (“How I Met Your Mother,” “The Avengers”) loves the oceans. She’s expressing that love by working with Oceana to save the ocean’s hidden gems. Cobie joined Oceana on a dive in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve in Belize, an area bordered by the Mesoamerican reef, home to brilliantly colored organisms like sponges, ascidians, seaweeds and coral. Watch

Ian Somerhalder's testimony at Natural Resources Hearing on the domestic ivory ban

Watch Ian Somerhalder testify at the Natural Resources Hearing on the domestic ivory ban on behalf of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Watch

Miranda Cosgrove Wants to Keep Dolphins Singing

The deafening booms of seismic airgun tests might be coming to the Atlantic. Miranda Cosgrove and Oceana want to keep the dolphins singing. Watch

Ringo Starr autographed jackets to benefit WaterAid on #GivingTuesday

Ringo Starr has joined in the #GivingTuesday movement by donating 25 autographed Timberland jackets, to be sold on eBay in support of WaterAid beginning on Tuesday, December 3. Watch

Laura Linda Bradley Interview - Global Green USA "2013 Millenium Awards"

Actress Laura Linda Bradley talked with TreeLiving’s Tiffany Paige about her involvement with Global Green and what she does in her personal life to help the planet. Watch

January Jones is scared FOR sharks

The number of adult great whites swimming off our Pacific Coast is alarming low, and they are losing their pups to deadly gillnets. If something doesn’t change, they could disappear forever. We shouldn’t be scared of sharks, we should be scared for them. Watch

Bono, Richard Branson, and Olivia Wilde Joined Matt Damon's Strike!

Millions of celebrities have joined Matt Damon's “Toilet Strike” protesting the lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation for billions. Just today, innovative entrepreneur Richard Branson, rockstar-philanthropist Bono, and actress Olivia Wilde have made their own support public. Watch

The Water Crisis - Matt Damon

Starring Matt Damon! 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation and 780 million lack access to safe water. Watch

The Power of Water - Matt Damon

Each year, on March 22, we join together to highlight the global water crisis and celebrate the progress made to date. Matt Damon invites you to join him. Watch

Jason Bateman, Jessica Biel, and Josh Gad Support the Strike!

More and more celebrities are supporting Matt Damon in his toilet strike protesting the lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation for billions. Watch

Matt Damon Goes On Strike!

Co-founder of Water.org, Matt Damon, held a press conference to make an enormous announcement: until every person in the world has access to clean water and a toilet, he’s on strike. But not from acting… Join Water.org in their mission to solve the water crisis, and support Matt’s strike by telling all of your friends. Watch

Enough Food For Everyone IF: launch highlights

Highlights from the fantastic launch event for the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign, which took place at Somerset House in London on 23 January, 2013. Featuring appearances by Bill Gates, Fay Ripley, Tamsin Greig, Lauren Laverne, Bill Nighy, Baaba Maal, Urban Voices Collective and many others. Watch