100 Billion Meals Challenge

Traditionally, our solutions to hunger and food insecurity have been reactionary – sending food to conflict-ridden areas, providing meals to people who are starving, and being forced to wait until people are on the brink of starvation before being able to prioritize their nutrition. Bringing together high-impact individuals, corporations, world leaders, faith-based initiatives, non-profit organizations, philanthropic foundations, high-net-worth individuals, and the collective general public to create sustainable proactive change is the way to stop the cycle.

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How you can help

Our partners will be asked to contribute a billion meals each over the next ten years. We are asking a community of others who can help to bridge the gap, to create long term sustainable solutions to address world hunger needs. This can be a billion meals in a year, or a billion meals during the course of ten years, the equivalent of a cash donation of $300 million*, or in-kind donations of a billion meals. In addition to those who can commit to 1 billion meals, there is also a need for sponsorship of initiatives, investment in new innovation and technologies, brand partnerships, general funding, awareness creation, public engagement, and celebrity influencers to help get the word out. Everyone has an essential part to play.

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