World Horse Welfare

World Horse Welfare is a charity that is dedicated to caring for horses. The charity was founded in 1927, by Ada Cole. Throughout their history they have been committed to protecting the welfare of horses. Today, they have expanded the diversity of their work to focus on both direct and indirect action.

The charity has 150 staff, the vast majority of which are based at their head office, in Norfolk, and four recovery and rehabilitation centres around the UK. In Britain, they have responsibility for more than 2,000 horses, nearly all of which have suffered abuse or neglect, and more than 85 per cent of which are in caring loan homes.

Overseas, they train more than 100 saddlers and farriers every year who use their skills to improve the lives of local working horses and the lives of their owners. They also campaign to change legislation and attitudes about horse welfare, including their major Make A Noise campaign to end the live long-distance transportation of horses for slaughter in Europe.

In total, they invest around £7.5million a year in their work and make it their business to know about horses, both as sport and leisure animals, as well as working beasts. Hence they deal with the full breadth of the horse world, from the premier horse athletes, through its close association with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), to the 100,000 horses that suffer every year on the roads of Europe, as they are transported extraordinary distances to slaughter. No organisation in the world does more for horses than World Horse Welfare.


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