Equanimity LLC

Equanimity LLC is a magazine publishing company based in Coppell, Texas. The magazine is a full glossy print publication with unique layout and what will prove to be award winning content and coverage of inspiring stories of life and success. Equanimity Magazine is where driven people of all kinds and classes balance their lifestyle for success in reaching their goals.

Equanimity Magazine shares the stories of those who are beginning, growing, and those who have succeeded in reaching the balance that allows us to pursue our dreams and goals in life. It is their hope that readers will gain insight from people in various industries and walks of life from around the world. The magazine provides access to tools for productivity and planning and inspiration in abundance. It is also a platform for emerging talents. Seeking out the most talented from around the world in order to support their careers by providing them much needed acknowledgment within the pages of Equanimity Magazine.

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