Jamie Oliver thinks the food we eat is unacceptable – and he has joined with the ONE Campaign to change our eating habits by creating a petition to world leaders imploring them to reduce chronic malnutrition by 2016.

“I wanted to take some time to write to you about something close to my heart – food,” he wrote in an email to supporters of the ONE Campaign. "But it’s not just close to my heart, it’s at the heart of every family and has a prime place in our homes. It can bind us to the best bits of life.

“But right now we are living an awful reality. The food we eat – because it often lacks the proper nutrients – is killing us! Whether you’re in Tanzania or Texas, getting access to nutritious food for yourself or your family has become a daily battle. We are starved of food education and, as a result, don’t know what’s good for us and what’s not anymore.

“This year alone, over 2 million people will die because they are obese, while over 2 million children will die from malnutrition. That is unacceptable, and something has to be done.

“The ONE Campaign and my Food Revolution Day have a lot in common. First, we don’t stay quiet. We refuse to sit back and let things like this go on. We spread the word and get messages about good food education and food practices out there, both locally and globally.

“In a few weeks the leaders of the world will get together, so we need to form one voice – one very loud, very proud voice. This is a chance to make a difference guys. It’s time for world leaders to realize that what we are eating is killing us, and that they have the power to stop it. Food is at the top of my agenda, it’s at the top of yours, and it’s time it goes to the top of theirs.

“With one click, you can add your voice to this movement for monumental change.”

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