Prince's Trust Ambassador and adventurer Ben Fogle recently chaired a panel of inspirational speakers delivering a workshop to a group of fledgling entrepreneurs at Prince’s Trust House.

The group, all from London, were all at the start of their enterprise journey and really benefitted from hearing Ben talk about how he’d got through difficult times.

Ben said: “I have learnt about the danger of complacency, the importance of preparation and planning and the power of drive and determination through my various expeditions and adventures, all of which have business parallels.”

Established jewellery entrepreneur Julie McAlpin also spoke about her business journey and Nick Howe, a Diversity in Business Enterprise Manager from RBS, was on hand to offer practical advice.

The group were given the chance to ask questions and took away lots of practical, as well as inspirational, advice from the day which was organised as part of the 30th Birthday of the Enterprise programme.

Emma Bath is a young mother in the process of starting her business Demi Kicks, producing a line of illustrated trainers. She was one of the seven young entrepreneurs who benefitted from the day: “I found meeting Ben and established entrepreneur Julie really inspirational. It’s comforting to hear about Ben juggling his career with his family and the struggles everyone faces with the work/life balance.”

Michael Chambers, who has started Sweettooth, a Caribbean catering company, added: “I never planned to be an entrepreneur but my circumstances and my passion for food led me to this opportunity. The Prince’s Trust, and meeting Ben and Julie today, have helped me realise there will always be highs and lows in business but to keep going.”

“Meeting a group of fledgling entrepreneurs through The Prince’s Trust has been really inspiring,” said Ben Fogle. “Starting out in business is a tough journey, something I know all about. I shared stories of how I endured trying times with them in the hope that they will be able to use it in their own careers if and when things get difficult.”

Source: Prince's Trust

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