Joanna Lumley will introduce two new systems designed to provide safe drinking water at the British Invention Awards Show in London next week.

The systems were developed by Alexander Bushell, and will be featured at the show on Wednesday 23 at 4pm.

Joanna has been excited and inspired by Alexander’s body of work. To date she has invested funding in both the Solar Desalination and Raincatcher systems.

“I see great potential in both of these systems specifically to help improve the provision of safe drinking water to those people across the world who are in dire need of this valuable resource,” she said. "Of course these inventions, brilliant as they are, will not in themselves solve the problem, but we should try to do what we can and hopefully inspire others to do even more. We, in the so called ‘developed world’, take for granted that when we need a drink we can go to the nearest tap and take a giant swig of lovely sweet water. Every time I do that, I think about those less fortunate for whom that is not an option and I feel a little ashamed and very sad. Together with Alexander, we want to try to help as many of them as possible.

“I intend to encourage Alexander to continue in his work and I hope, with partners, to be able to help him in even more of his projects. My next aim is to find partners to help bring to the market a fantastic invention that is very special to me. Millions of women die unnecessarily due to complications during childbirth. Alexander has created a wonderful Mobile Operating Theatre -­‐ in a box! Solar Powered but with built in options of mains, generator or pedal power. The whole unit fits into a packing case designed to then fit easily into the back of a 4WD vehicle. This amazing unit could start saving lives immediately and not just those of women in labour.

“In fact there are so many other wonderful products: A Solar Powered Oxygen Generating System, Portable Bacterial Detection products and a Solar Powered Blood Filtration System with both Aids and Kidney Dialysis applications. The potential to help people is so exciting and motivating but I cannot do it all on my own.”

Alexander says, “Joanna’s help and encouragement in these two projects has been absolutely instrumental in bringing them to life. I am an inventor and perhaps a little naive in the ways of investors and partnership funding options, but Joanna and her team have been wonderful and their partnership has allowed me to concentrate on the final developments of these systems while planning future projects.”

The show takes place at the Barbican Events Centre, and more info can be found here.

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