On Saturday, October 26, the Clinton Foundation will bring together hundreds of volunteers for a second Sandy-related “Day of Action,” an effort to aid communities that are still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

This is the fifth “Day of Action” overall which has mobilized thousands of volunteers across the country to give back to their respective communities.

Led by Chelsea Clinton, volunteers will participate in multiple service projects throughout Rockaway, Queens and Staten Island rebuilding houses, cleaning and updating public parks, conducting conservation activities, a school beautification project, and more. This is the second Sandy-related “Day of Action,” recognizing that effective disaster response involves a multi-year effort that addresses long-term challenges faced by impacted communities. Projects will take place at Brookville Park, Rockaway Park, PS 197 and homes in Far Rockaway.

At approximately 1:15 PM, Chelsea Clinton will join St. Bernard Project (SBP), along with its project partners, to break ground on the future site of the first “Resilient House” – the “Designing Recovery” competition’s winning design, selected for New York. This project was first announced as a CGI America Commitment to Action. Designed by Sustainable.TO Architecture + Building, the “Resilient House” was modeled to be energy efficient, cost effective, and able to withstand future disasters. Chelsea will join future home-owners, the Lyons family, to break ground on their new home and offer remarks.

Since the first “Day of Action” in New York for Hurricane sandy Relief last November, Chelsea has continued to lead the Day of Action program with additional service days in the New York tri-state area, St. Louis and Chicago.

Learn more or sign up to volunteer here clintonfoundation.org/NYCDayofAction.

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