Today is United Nations Day, and United Nations Foundation Founder and Chairman Ted Turner released the following statement to commemorate the event, which marks the 68th anniversary of when the UN Charter went into effect.

“The United Nations is the world’s platform for peace and progress. Born 68 years ago out of the ravages of two world wars, the UN provides a forum for dialogue, cooperation, and peace between nations.

“From the UN General Assembly Hall to on-the-ground in communities around the globe, the UN is on the front lines of urgent challenges – responding to humanitarian emergencies, fighting climate change, alleviating poverty and hunger, promoting human rights, and combating diseases.

“Today’s toughest issues know no borders, so our solutions must transcend boundaries and involve all of our world’s stakeholders. That is why the UN continues to play an indispensable role in the world: It brings together countries, citizens, and sectors to address our shared challenges.

“Strong U.S. engagement at the UN is essential to advancing America’s ideals and interests and to promoting global peace and security. Nearly 9 out of 10 voters believe it is important for the United States to maintain an active role within the UN. By supporting the work of the UN, each of us can help build a more peaceful and just world.”

In recognition of UN Day, members of the United Nations Association of the USA are hosting more than 100 events in communities around the country. To learn more, visit

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