Twilight actor Kellan Lutz has sent an urgent letter to Linda Bean, owner of Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster, asking her to stop the most flagrant acts of cruelty to animals at her Rockland, Maine, slaughterhouse.

“I’m writing to you after watching disturbing video footage of cruelty to lobsters and crabs at your slaughterhouse in Rockland, Maine, that turned my stomach,” he wrote. "In this video released by PETA, I watched as conscious lobsters were torn apart by your employees, who then threw them into dumpsters to die slowly and painfully, treating them as if they were trash rather than living beings.

“I’m not a vegetarian, but I recognize cruelty when I see it. Watching these animals writhe as their exposed internal organs were violently scrubbed off with spinning brushes made me wonder how you could possibly wait one second longer to spend a little of your profits on a machine that renders these animals unconscious prior to being processed. I respectfully and urgently appeal to you to make an immediate decision to end the dismemberment and mutilation of live, conscious crustaceans and switch to a slaughter method that ensures a quick and far less painful death, such as electrical stunning or pressure

“Even if you can’t relate to lobsters and crabs in the same way that you might to dogs or dolphins, they also deserve to be spared unnecessary agony.”

A video released by PETA shows workers ripping apart fully conscious lobsters and crabs limb from limb. Some are dumped, still alive, into boiling water, and others are tossed in the trash to die slowly and painfully, even though there are other readily available slaughter methods, such as electrical stunning, which would render the animals unconscious before they’re dismembered.

Source: PETA

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