As Bob Barker turns 90 today, he has a message for baby boomers concerned about the perils of aging, and the science is on his side: Go vegetarian.

Video: Bob Barker: Go Vegetarian to Help Prevent Alzheimer's

In a new PSA for PETA, Barker echoes recent studies revealing that meat-eaters run an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and stresses that even old dogs can learn new tricks: “Eat vegetarian, and keep your wits about you into a ripe old age,” he says.

Barker, a vegetarian for more than 30 years, credits his meat-free diet with giving him his vitality and astonishing mental acuity.

The time is right for Barker’s appeal. Last month, Al Gore made headlines when he joined former President Bill Clinton in becoming the latest prominent leader to drop meat from his diet, and last month, marketing research firm the NPD Group announced that Americans are opting to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat.

Source: PETA

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