With Congress in recess and President Clinton's birthday coming up on August 19, House of Cards’ Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) has found a new way to make mischief.

Video: Wish President Clinton a Happy 68th Birthday

“I like to go the extra mile for my friends,” said Kevin. "So when I saw President Clinton’s birthday looming out there on my calendar I couldn’t resist recording a special message for him. And since I’m in the midst of filming the next season of House of Cards, I decided it might be fun if Frank Underwood and my friend Hillary Clinton got involved.

“Of course, at his core, President Clinton embodies the generosity, compassion, and integrity that many claim my fictional counterpart completely lacks. I’ve often seen these great attributes at work in both President Clinton himself and in the work that you help make happen through your support of the Clinton Foundation.

“Please do remember that while the video itself features a fictional character, President Clinton’s upcoming birthday is as real as the sentiment of gratitude and goodwill that we all feel for the work that he has helped accomplish. So after watching the video, I hope you’ll send your own message of appreciation to President Clinton for his birthday.”

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