Bill Clinton has written about his recent trip to Africa with Chelsea Clinton in an email to supporters of the Clinton Foundation.

“My work with the Clinton Foundation over the past 14 years has been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life, as every day I see how, with your support, our programs change lives,” wrote Clinton. "While in Africa, I met many of the people we’re helping build better futures, provide for their families, and strengthen their communities. Their lives tell the real stories of the Clinton Foundation, and they are worth hearing.

“In Tanzania, I visited Wazia Chawala. She is a farmer and a single mother raising seven children. She is also one of 85,000 people in Tanzania, Malawi, and Rwanda participating in our Clinton Development Initiative’s Anchor Farm program. The program operates commercial farms and partners with local smallholder farmers to provide them with access to high-quality, low-cost seed and fertilizer, training in improved agricultural techniques, and transportation to market. Participants have more than doubled their yields on average, increased their incomes by even greater margins, and dramatically improved their quality of life. When I met Wazia, she told me how her increased productivity has helped her improve her home and keep her seven children in school. She is forging her own path out of poverty with a system that is life-changing, sustainable, and replicable. What is working for 85,000 farmers could work for millions.

“In Tanzania, I also visited a dispensary run by CHAI that is helping to make life-saving vaccines more affordable and readily available to people in rural areas, where 70 percent of the country’s people live. In addition to negotiating price reductions for the pneumonia and rotavirus vaccines, CHAI is using innovative solar-powered refrigerators to preserve the vaccines – which are only effective when stored in cool temperatures – in the remote areas of the country that lack electricity. I met with several mothers who have had their children vaccinated through the program, which is saving 11,000 lives annually, including one woman who walked twelve miles to get her baby vaccinated for the first time. Stories like that are why I started this work, and why I am more committed than ever to continuing it.

“That’s the real story of the Clinton Foundation – people coming together across traditional divides to help others live up to their full potential.”

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