Kristen Bell made a little girl very happy last week when she rang in character as Frozen’s Princess Anna.

Video: Avery hears from Anna...

6-year-old Avery Huffman was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last month, and is currently fighting the battle of her life. And when a family friend with connections to the star heard of Avery’s braveness, he asked Kristen to make a very special call.

“Like roughly 93% of all little girls in the United States, Avery loved the movie Frozen,” blogged Avery’s father, Brandon. "We’ve probably watched or heard it over 200 times. Avery’s favorite character in the movie is Anna, who was voiced by Kristen Bell.

“Thanks to a friend of mine from my job with Scout, Steve Clarkson Jr., who has a connection to Kristen Bell, Avery got a message that made her day/week/life.

“Kristen Bell, voicing Anna, sent a personal audio message through Steve, to me to pass on to Avery.

“‘Anna’ called Avery by her name, asked how HoppyJumpy was, told Avery to tell Alex, Addison and Cade (by name) hello, and said Elsa told her she was honorary princess of Arendelle.

“Avery couldn’t stop talking about it and was so excited to have her sisters and brother hear it.

“Despite being incredibly busy, Kristen Bell took the time to make a little 6-year old girl’s day.

“It was awesome for Avery and us, and emotional for us as well.”

Avery needs all the help she can get – visit

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