Scandal star Bellamy Young has spoken to The Humane Society of the United States’ All Animals Magazine about her work with the Shelter Pet Project.

Video: Meet My Shelter Pet - Bellamy Young

“I’ve always shared my life with rescued animals; I can’t imagine living without that unconditional love in my day,” she said. "And I’m adopted myself, so adoption is obviously near and dear to my heart. I feel like no life is disposable. We all have so much love to give. Adopting a pet from a shelter is an absolutely transformative experience: It heals you.

“All facets of compassionate, mindful living move me. For me that means I choose not to eat animals or use things that have been tested on them or support companies that profit on animals’ pain, such as circuses. I try to be aware of what I’m taking from the planet and what I’m giving back. No one’s perfect, no one gets it right all the time, but we all have to do our best.”

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