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Jamie Oliver announced this month that his Food Revolution Day Campaign (FRD) calling for legislation that gives every child the right to receive education about food, has reached over 1.6 million signatures and has reached every country in the world.

The next target for FRD is to get “this vitally important issue taken up by the G20 to create a global conversation,” he says.

Meanwhile, Oliver has launched another campaign, called Jamie’s Sugar Rush lobbying the UK government to introduce a sugar tax on all soft drinks that have sugar added.

In a series of YouTubes, Oliver shows the personal tragedies of people who have required medical intervention due simply to the overconsumption of sugar in their daily diets. They highlight a six year old boy whose teeth are extracted due to rot from drinking sugary drinks, as well as a foot amputee, one of 7,000 per year in the UK, from diabetes. As well, there are video demos of how many teaspoons of sugar are hidden in what we drink, and what we eat in a normal breakfast, more than double the daily intake allowance.

“[The sugar tax] has already been done in Mexico and France,” says Oliver in his press release, “with over $1 billion dollars being raised to support preventative and educational initiatives. The first evaluation of the tax is also indicating a marked reduction in consumption.”

You can check out his videos here.

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