Comedian and actor Aziz Ansari is fresh off the heels of a holidays fundraising campaign for Oxfam America.

As the charity’s celebrity ambassador, Ansari promotes programs that fight poverty all over the world. Huffington Post gave him the Best Subject Line Award in its recent post, 450 Email Subject Lines From End of Year Fundraising. Ansari’s additional charity work includes voicing a goat in an animated for Oxfam America video and a benefit for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

To celebrate this funnyman and his charitable pursuits, we take a look at three of his funniest moments from his breakout role in “Parks and Recreation.”

Treat Yo Self

Tom and Donna have a very special relationship built on a mutual loathing for being bored and an irritation for anyone who doesn’t like their retweet. When the two decide to have a day designated to the pursuit of extravagance, the result leaves would even make Kanye proud, or at least give him a little #FOMO #YOLO.

Clothes: Treat yo self. Fragrances: Treat yo self. Mimosas: Treat yo self. Massages: Treat yo self. Fine leather goods: Treat. Yo. Self. Best day of the year!

But the best part of Treat Yo Self day is when Tom and his partner-in-luxury Donna decide to take mercy on a stressed out Ben and invite him along on their lavish day. When Ben just can’t get excited about cashmere and buys tube socks, Donna and Tom selflessly urge him to figure out his own version of Treat Yo Self day — which delightfully leads to a whole new level of nerdiness, aka Ben in a fantastically realistic Batman suit.

But the question begs to be asked: Why were we given only one Treat Yo Self day way back in 2011?! Where do we sign the petition for an annual YouTube comedy series, Aziz?! You’re kickin it with Kanye now!

Snake Juice

No two characters on “Parks and Rec” are more opposite than Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford. Tom tweets his every waking move, and Ron doesn’t trust the government as far as he could throw a bottle of Lagavulin, which is really far, but Ron would never, ever throw a bottle of whiskey.

So when Tom and his over-the-top business partner John Ralphio attempt to pitch their new entrepreneurial venture, a harrowing liquor they call Snake Juice, no one expects Ron to start one of the most epic party nights in “Parks and Rec” history. While everyone from Jerry to Leslie gets adorably sloshed, Ron manages to steal the show with an iron stomach, infectious smile and a miniature sparkly black top hat. But the best part is the morning after, when everyone in the office is hung over to the extent that April has duct taped a pair of full-size pillows to her ears and Ron shows up chipper and unphased with greasy burgers to save them.

DJ Roomba

Of all Tom Haverford’s get-rich-quick schemes (a few of which actually worked), perhaps none was more beloved than the brilliant DJ Roomba, his iPod-playing, floor-sweeping robot that was smart enough to know that Andy was the biggest mess-maker of the group and hovered around him while bumpin’ the Black Eyed Peas. But while helping Tom move, Jerry accidentally stomps on and kills DJ Roomba, breaking Tom’s heart. Some say the halls of the Pawnee City Hall are still haunted by the ghost the R&B-loving robot that Tom called his son.

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