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On November 17th, Grammy Award nominee James Blunt will put down his guitar and become be the first ever guest editor for the global edition of the Metro newspaper for a day.

Blunt will be working from the Metro Rome office where he will collaborate with Sakari Pitkanen, Global Editor-in-Chief. The Metro, published in 20 countries and more than 150 cities, has a worldwide readership of over 20,000,000.

Aside from his role as editor, Blunt will be commenting on news affecting readers around the world. Specifically, he will be involved in a feature on Médecins Sans Frontières, an international medical humanitarian organization that Blunt has supported for years and which Metro Newspapers have worked closely with for a number of years.

James Blunt said, “I have long been fascinated by the media and am excited to have the chance to go behind the scenes at Metro and experience things from the other side. With so much going on in the world right now, I am looking forward to editing a newspaper, raising the profile of subjects close to my heart and hopefully have a little fun along the way. I might even give myself a good review!”

Prior to taking the music world by storm, Blunt was an officer in a reconnaissance regiment of the British Army. He served under NATO in Kosovo during the conflict in 1999. Its while stationed there that Blunt was introduced to the work of Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) (Doctors Without Borders), a humanitarian aid group best known for its emergency medical care in conflict-torn regions. Since then, Blunt has supported MSF by holding meet-and-greet auctions at many of his concerts.

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