Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews recently accepted a $10,000 donation from Inspired By Media Group on behalf of Flint water crisis ministry Perfecting Community Development.

L to R: Lou Buster Brown, Terry Crews, Kyle Bowser
L to R: Lou Buster Brown, Terry Crews, Kyle Bowser

The donation was presented at Rebecca Crews’ Faith to Dream Women’s Conference at The LA Hotel Downtown in Los Angeles, California.

Perfecting Community Development, which is a nonprofit division of Bishop Marvin L. Winans’ Perfecting Faith Church, will use the donation to purchase bottled water for Flint residents. The water will be delivered to Bishop Roger L. Jones at Greater Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in Flint, Michigan, for distribution. Ten thousand dollars will purchase approximately 5,000 cases of water.

Inspired By Media Group’s $10,000 donation was the result of royalties earned on the bestselling audio Bible The Bible Experience, published by Zondervan. Both Terry Crews and Bishop Winans were cast members in The Bible Experience: Crews performed the voice of Luke, and Winans played the voice of Elijah. Inspired by Media Group has maintained a commitment to directing proceeds from sales of The Bible Experience to worthy causes.

“Water is the most vital element associated with health, prosperity, and wellness,” said Lou “Buster” Brown, Executive Producer of Inspired By Media Group. Brown is himself a native of Detroit, Michigan.

“It seems particularly egregious that in the United States, the most prosperous country on earth, citizens from one of its cities would be victimized by such choices as the local administration has made,” Brown continued. “This is just our small part to give toward the well-being of people in Flint.”

“As a native of Flint, Michigan, it was an honor and a privilege to accept this donation on behalf of the Flint water crisis,” said Terry Crews. “There is so much work that still needs to be done, and this is a step in the right direction in helping the community while the water infrastructure is being rebuilt.”

To make a donation to the Flint water crisis, please contact Greater Holy Temple COGIC, 6702 North Dort Highway, Flint, MI 48505, 810-787-3960.

“This campaign is about providing people with an opportunity to give,” said Brown. “Large groups of people donating small amounts make a big difference. We want to inspire people to give and to make it easy for them to do so.”

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