National children’s charity Kids Wish Network (KWN) recently partnered with comedian, political satire expert, and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight John Oliver to grant a once in a lifetime experience for an Ohio boy diagnosed with a life threatening illness, autoimmune enteropathy.

Kids Wish Network, which has been fulfilling wishes for sick children since 1997, flew Wish Kid Josh Danielpour from Ohio to New York where the hit show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is produced. It was there in The Big Apple the teen was able to do some sightseeing as well as meet John Oliver and the writers of the hit HBO show.

It was also a special time for John Oliver who enjoys brightening a young person’s day. “It was really great spending time with Josh. He is not only smarter and funnier than I was at his age; he’s smarter and funnier than I am now,” Oliver explained. He continued in a joking manner stating, “I loved hanging out with him and watching him slowly realize that he should have probably wished for something else. He’s welcome back here anytime!”

“Can you imagine the excitement Josh felt when he traveled almost halfway across the country to sit on the set of his favorite TV show and then to actually spend time and talk with his favorite entertainer?” said Anna Lanzatella, executive director for Kids Wish Network. “This is the joy we’re able to give our Wish Kids when we partner with people like John Oliver.”

Josh’s mother Lisa spoke about her son’s time with the comedy guru, “Josh was proud that he made John Oliver laugh hard, twice; and that John Oliver was interested in Josh’s technology advice that related to ideas he has for next season’s shows.”

During his wish, Josh and his family were guests at The Roosevelt Hotel and were chauffeured around New York by US Limousine Service. They were also treated to a tour of the world famous Statue of Liberty and enjoyed memorable meals at Hard Rock Café and The Palm West.

Kids Wish Network is a national charitable organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children having experienced life-altering situations.

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