Give hope to children with hearing loss by buying a 2018 Hear the World calendar of high end collector’s edition photographs.

2018 Hear The World Calendar cover with Priyanka Chopra
2018 Hear The World Calendar cover with Priyanka Chopra

A unique collection black-and-white portraits shows stars such as Priyanka Chopra, Shawn Mendes, Jamie Cullum, Alessia Cara and The Weeknd, in the renowned Hear the World pose for conscious hearing. The stars, photographed by legendary musician and photographer Bryan Adams, all contributed their time and their portrait pro bono to help raise awareness. The limited-edition calendar is now available for $40 and can be purchased at: One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit the Hear the World Foundation, a global non-profit that aids disadvantaged people, particularly children, with hearing loss. The Hear the World Foundation is the giving arm of Sonova, the leading provider of hearing solutions.

The 2018 Hear the World calendar is a meaningful holiday gift for anyone who wants to support a good cause. The exceptional black-and-white portraits are a work of art and a statement: “I fully believe in the work of the Hear the World Foundation which is why I have been supporting it with my photography for over ten years already,” says Bryan Adams. Every month, an international star draws attention to the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss in the Hear the World pose for conscious hearing – with their hand behind their ear.

In the most recent project musicians Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, Jamie Cullum, Peter Maffay, Alessia Cara, Sarah McLachlan, Zedd, and Marc Sway appear. The cover model is the actress, producer and activist Priyanka Chopra and other celebrities featured include model Isabella Emmack, model/singer Karen Elson, and comedian Russell Peters. This year’s twelve featured celebrities follow in the footsteps of over a hundred other musicians, models and actors who have supported the Hear the World Foundation over the past 10 years.

“It warms my heart to support an effort that brings the world together to give disadvantaged children the gift of hearing”, said Sarah McLachlan. “The 2018 Hear the World calendar is a meaningful work of art that offers all of us an opportunity to be a part of something special.”

Hearing loss – an underestimated issue with serious consequences
The significance of hearing loss is still underestimated, despite the figures painting a clear picture: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 360 million people (around 5% of the global population) are affected by moderate to profound hearing loss – around 32 million of whom are children. Most of those affected live in low- or middle-income countries and do not have any access to audiological care. Untreated hearing loss can have serious consequences, particularly for children. As well as difficulty learning to talk, they have hardly any chance of going to school and are often ostracized from society.

Since 2006 the Hear the World Foundation, has supported over 80 projects on all five continents, providing financial resources, donating hearing aids and audiological accessories, and training project workers in audiology on site. Efforts such as the Hear the World calendar help to raise global awareness about the often-neglected issue of hearing loss and supports the foundation’s projects for children in need with hearing loss, to enable them to develop at an appropriate rate for their age. More about the history of the Hear the Word Foundations and its projects can be found here.

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