The National Limousine Association’s Ride Responsibly initiative is back with its third public service announcement starring actress and activist Pamela Anderson.

Video: Terms and Conditions - A New PSA from PAVE and Ride Responsibly Starring Pamela Anderson (2018)

In partnership with Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE), the PSA highlights the often horrifying lack of accountability maintained by ride-hail services and urges passengers to make themselves aware of the safety standards for these apps and their drivers.

“Terms & Conditions” is a follow-up to Ride Responsibly’s second PSA, “The Signs,” which was released in January and called attention to the vast number of sexual assaults reported against drivers. This time, the video shows Pamela Anderson as a passenger of a ride-hail vehicle. Her driver quickly and abruptly reads her a list of terms that she is agreeing to by using the service. Much of the language shocks and disturbs Pam as she is informed that these apps are not responsible or liable for a passenger’s well-being. The terms used for this PSA were taken, in reality, directly from a popular ride-hailing app.

Pamela Anderson noted, “Ride-hail apps have become such an integral part of daily life that we don’t often stop to consider the safety that we deserve. People trust these companies to provide them with a safe, convenient service and yet, the terms and conditions that we all accept absolve the companies of any responsibility. The number of attacks reported by passengers nationwide speaks for itself, and it’s time that we ask our lawmakers to take action before continuing to allow these services to operate in their jurisdictions.”

“These transportation network companies (TNCs) are asking people to put their lives at risk by entering their vehicles but are unwilling to take any liability whatsoever,” said Gary Buffo, President of the National Limousine Association. “In today’s world, it is critical that the public is as informed as possible when it comes to their own personal safety – and that has never been more critical than with ride-hail apps. With Pamela and PAVE, we are working to educate the public about the serious risks associated with these services and how best to protect themselves.”

As a leading advocate on behalf of survivors for over 20 years, PAVE provides support, education and training programs aimed at teaching ways to prevent sexual assault and helping survivors heal. Angela Rose, who founded PAVE following her own life-changing survivor experience, noted “PAVE leads evidence-based education programs across the country to help prevent sexual assault. Understanding the terms and conditions of ride-hailing apps, as well as their implications, can empower customers and the public to better protect themselves, as well as to demand better protections and safer conditions.” She continued, “While survivors are never responsible for the assaults against them, the drivers and their employers should absolutely be held accountable, and should be constantly working to improve; that is why we have partnered with the National Limousine Association and Pamela Anderson to draw attention to these heinous crimes.”

In support of the PSA and campaign at-large, Pamela Anderson will be issuing a statement and holding a Press Conference at the LCT International Show in Las Vegas on March 12th. Pamela is expected to introduce the next phase of the Ride Responsibly campaign which will look at the issues facing ride-hailing from driver to rider.

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