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Rapper Ludacris spread some Christmas cheer last week when he helped the American Civil Rights Educational Society hold their annual Christmas Lunch.

The event was in doubt this year after the ACRES building in New York was broken into and severely damaged by fire earlier this month. But Ludacris and his Ludacris Foundation stepped in and made sure the event went on as planned. The star even made a personal appearance and handed out gifts to disadvantaged children.

Ludacris set up the Ludacris Foundation to inspire youth to take responsibility for their future, build stronger families and foster community economic development in the community. The rapper and the Foundation has just spent the month visiting Chicago, New York, Miami, and Atlanta area children in an initiative called LudaCrismas in Toyland. The events treated disadvantaged children to games, entertainment, food, and Santa.

“The Christmas season is all about giving of yourself – that’s the true meaning of Christmas,” said Ludacris. “Helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves – that’s what this time of year is all about. During the holidays there is no better time to turn back, reach back, and give back.”

Over 1000 children benefited from the events.

“I love this time of year and can’t wait to see the wonderment in the eyes and the smiles of joy on the faces of the children as they make it through LudaCrismas in Toyland” said Roberta Shields, President of the Ludacris Foundation. “We know the importance of helping others and giving back and we understand that the little things we do can sometimes have a huge effect on these children for years to come.”

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