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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is once again on a mission to show us what we are really eating.

Following his successful program last year educating the world about the chicken industry, Oliver is now set to host a show revealing the dark secrets of pork production.

Jamie Saves Our Bacon is a 90-minute television special that will screen on the UK’s Channel 4 later this year and guarantees to shock viewers about the conditions pigs are kept in. Along with the RSPCA, Oliver will use the program to urge the EU to set tougher minimum welfare standards for farmers and more honest labeling about how their animals are treated.

“How many people outside of the industry know the difference between outdoor-bred and outdoor-reared, for example?” asked Oliver. “Not many.”

“Although the perception is that keeping livestock outside is best for welfare, it does not always hold true,” added a spokesperson for the RSPCA. “Free range systems in which pigs are kept throughout their lives in paddocks do ensure animals have freedom to move around and express natural behaviors.”

To find out more about the program, visit the Channel 4 website.

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