The Elton John AIDS Foundation has announced it will be making changes to the organization’s structure and global grant-making strategy this year.

Elton John and Chairman David Furnish outlined their new approach in an exclusive interview with The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

“Ultimately, the people most vulnerable to HIV are receiving a disproportionately small amount of support,” Elton told the Chronicle of Philanthropy. "We want to double down on those who need the most. This includes transgender women, sex workers, people who inject drugs, adolescents, gay men, and other MSM (men who have sex with men), as well the sexual partners of these groups.

“We need to make sure these groups know the facts and aren’t afraid of getting tested or going on antiretroviral treatment.”

“We are planning significant investments around the world, with a focus on regions where we see the greatest potential to close the gaps,” added Furnish. “Our focus areas are Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. But we are also focused on building collaborations, and U.S. cities have a big role to play.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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