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Supermodel Christie Brinkley launched her third Got Milk? advertising campaign at the Sundance Film Festival during the weekend.

The campaign – which features posters of the beauty sporting a milk mustache – encourages people to drink more milk and lead healthier lifestyles.

“This is a great way to ensure that if … you are cutting back and you are not able to buy an expensive piece of fish or something else, milk actually, per glass, is a very affordable way to get your nutrients,” she said. "Everybody is always rushing around. Everybody’s got so much to do and you can’t always put together that perfect balance of nutrients on a plate, but when you add milk to the meal, it really does complete it!

“I’ve been drinking milk all of my life and I think it’s a vital part of living well. As a busy mom constantly on the move, I may not always have an extra hour to hit the gym, but I always have time to grab a glass of milk. It’s one of the simplest things you can do every day and feel good about, for you and your family.”

Brinkley also revealed her optimism about the new government led by Barack Obama: “I think there’s a whole, real positive energy going on and I hope to flow along with that positive energy.”

The new Got Milk? ads will appear in USA Today on January 20.

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