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Rockers Linkin Park have joined up with to help raise $25,000 by the end of April to help in Haitian recovery initiatives.

Bass player David “Phoenix” Farrell has recorded a special PSA detailing the disastrous effects of Hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hannah and Ike on the country.

“Music for Relief is partnering with communities in Haiti as they recover from these storms,” he said. "We’re helping to ensure that they’re better prepared to deal with future hurricanes and floods. In addition to collecting funds, we’re using a site called SocialVibe for the first time to earn money for the food and clean drinking water that the people of Haiti so desperately need.

“Here’s what we’re asking you to do: visit and add SocialVibe to your MySpace, Facebook, blog or whatever online profiles you use. This will enable you to earn donations for Music For Relief’s work in Haiti, without even opening your own wallet. The member who invites the most friends to join SocialVibe will win a trip to Los Angeles to hang out with me and the rest of the guys and come see us in the studio working on our newest album.” is a new social media platform revolutionizing the way people use social networks for the common good by allowing members to earn donations rather than giving from their own wallets. This past August, four hurricanes hit Haiti leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and without food and clean drinking water. Currently 5.1 million people do not have enough food. Music for Relief is participating in the long term recovery effort in Haiti and summoning the help of and their members to help accomplish its goal.

To watch the PSA and learn more about how you can help Music for Relief, click here.

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