The Elders explore hope, leadership and the COVID-19 recovery in a new series of the Finding Humanity podcast.

As the new US President Joe Biden calls for unity in tackling the cascading crises of our era, The Elders embark on a new podcast series looking at the leadership needed to meet the challenges ahead.

Hosted by Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders, and Hazami Barmada, human rights advocate and founder of the Humanity Lab Foundation, the Finding Humanity podcast will consider how we can address today’s most pressing global issues:

“Our global civilisation faces profound challenges and only an honest reckoning with the complexities and ambiguities of our past can enable us to meet the challenges of the present and future,” said Mary Robinson.

COVID-19 has revealed fundamental truths about what it is to be human and to share our lives with others. From pandemics to climate change and nuclear weapons – the world needs to find shared solutions to shared challenges.”

As we begin to look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, this second special series of the Finding Humanity podcast to feature the Elders looks at how compassionate and empathetic leadership is needed to build back a world based on peace, justice and equality.

In candid discussions recorded exclusively for the new series, the Elders consider the ethical challenges of leadership and decision-making, the wider implications of the COVID-19 response, and the consequences for peace, justice and human rights.

Elders’ featured in this new series include:
Juan Manuel Santos on climate change and conflict
Lakhdar Brahimi on the lessons of a lifetime in conflict mediation
Gro Harlem Brundtland on preparing for the next pandemic
Zeid Raad Al Hussein on the human rights failures of world leaders
Hina Jilani on the fight for gender equality.

“Finding Humanity aims to inspire the intellectual curiosity needed to unpack the realities that hinder our progress in solving the ills that lurk around in the darkness of our societies. Our hope is that with a more nuanced understanding of global affairs, comes a commitment to action,” said Finding Humanity Co-Executive Producer and Host, Hazami Barmada.

Episode one asks: what kind of climate leadership is needed if we are to safeguard a liveable planet for future generations? Listen to the new Finding Humanity podcast series with The Elders from 28 January 2021.

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