The GCFA (Green Carpet Fashion Awards), co-chaired by Cate Blanchett, Quannah Chasinghorse, Viola Davis, Tom Ford, Simu Liu, and Simone Ashley will take place on March 9th at NeueHouse, uniting the power of fashion and entertainment for positive transformation.

Today the GCFA announces that this year’s honors will include 6 societal archetypes – The Visionary, The Messenger, The Rebel, The Healer, The Sage, and The Futurist alongside two special entertainment honors, for personalities who have distinguished themselves for their work on social and environmental justice.

Mr. Tom Ford will receive The Visionary Honor for launching the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize in partnership with Lonely Whale, the only global competition focused on creating scalable and biologically degradable alternatives to thin-film plastic.

At the GCFA, Mr. Ford will announce the winners of his eponymous Prize competition, that are poised to usher in the largest commercial shift away from non-recyclable thin-film plastic, catalyzing global change that is urgently needed.

Livia Firth says: “The TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize encapsulates the spirit of Tom Ford himself. He doesn’t so much see problems; he sees opportunities to do better. The Plastic Innovation Prize is an example of his energy, drive, and vision. Right! ‘He says’ let’s design out this hideous film thin material that has such a catastrophic effect on other species and ecosystems. He removes all barriers to create change.”

The GCFA will also honor young leaders across climate and social justice who are at the front and center of today’s transformation and calls for all Oscars week events to make their +1 a young activist.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and climate justice activist Vanessa Nakate, UN Secretary-General special advisory member Sophia Kianni, and environmental and human rights activist Helena Gualinga are among the group of young leaders who will be attending the GCFA.

Livia Firth says: “Passing the microphone to young activists is one of the most important things that we can do right now. This is not us giving our blessing, we recognize that young activists are the driving force of empowerment. We owe them a debt and heavy recognition. They are often praised, and their dynamism is acknowledged, but this can be superficial and in reality, they are still held at arm’s length. At the GCFA we believe that youth climate and social justice leaders should be front and centre of major events including political and climate talks through to major entertainment events. We call on anybody and any organization that finds themselves with an invitation to make their ‘plus one’ a climate and nature activist.”

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA) is a one-of-a-kind event, recognizing ethical efforts in environmental and social sustainability across the global fashion industry. They celebrate progress, visionaries and game changers, and ultimately solutions for a fairer fashion industry.

The GCFA are the only awards to honor both the handprint and footprint of fashion. The handprint refers to the human capital that goes into the making of fashion, and the footprint is fashion’s environmental impact. Putting the heartbeat back into the global fashion industry, the GCFA recognizes and celebrates conscious choices in the supply chain, farming practices, workers’ rights, and material manufacturers, and elevates essential achievements from designers, models and industry thought-leaders.

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