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Actor George Clooney's much anticipated meeting with American President Barack Obama took place this week, with great success.

Though Clooney has been campaigning about the genocide occurring in Darfur for years and founded the Not On Our Watch campaign to raise awareness, he has said that the situation is not getting better; in fact it’s getting worse.

Undeterred, Clooney said: “Of course it’s complex, but when you see entire villages raped and killed, wells poisoned and then filled with the bodies of its villagers, then all complexities disappear and it comes down simply to right and wrong.”

Still, because Clooney has seen little improvement in the region over the past few years, he says Darfur is in dire need of real and effective measures. Leading up to his meeting with Obama, Clooney said, “The status quo is unacceptable. We want [Obama] to appoint a high-level, fulltime diplomat to negotiate and work hard every day for a peace treaty.”

And that may be what he just got – a long-term envoy reporting directly to the White House, "working on this every day – getting up every morning with their sole job to find peace in the area.

“We talked about this being an opportunity,” Clooney said on CNN’s Larry King Live about the meeting with US President Barak Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. "Not just for the United States, but all of us together to work with the international community in a real diplomatic effort to try and bring some sort of peace to this region.

"I think somehow we should all know that these people are hanging on by the skin of their teeth."

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