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The ‘Fortune Forum Summit’ is an annual charity gathering that brings together heavy hitters from the world of the rich and famous. And earlier this month, the gathering attracted the likes of billionaire philanthropist Ted Turner, singer Joss Stone, designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, actress Milla Jovovich, easyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, former Rolling Stones member Bill Wyman and Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens.

Held at the Dorchester hotel in Mayfair, London, the event was a virtual who’s who of giving, and was basically a ‘philanthropy party.’ According to the invitation, it was billed as a “a deep humanitarian experience.”

Ted Turner spoke about his $1B donation to United Nations causes.

“I’ve given a billion and a half away,” Turner told the Guardian before taking to the stage. How did it feel? “I enjoyed it. Better than just sitting on it.”

Also mingling in the crowd was Saudi Prince al-Walid Bin Saud al-Saud, whose fortune is estimated at about $17B; Vincent Tchenguiz, an Iranian property tycoon worth an estimated £200m; and Daily Express Publisher Richard Desmond, who’s net worth hovers around £1.9bn.

The super rich weren’t there to compare each other’s wealth, but to raise money and help launch a campaign to persuade the Treasury to provide a 50% tax break for donations to the UN millennium development goals.

“Tonight is about galvanizing awareness for the tax scheme and convening some of the most powerful philanthropists, billionaires, celebrity activists and major NGOs,” said Renu Mehta, the events organizer.

Turner apparently stole the show, advising the millionaires and billionaires to “give while you still have something to give.”

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