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Days of Our Lives actress and singer Gloria Loring is well known for her work with childhood diabetes, and she would like to invite you to a special celebration of TV theme tunes this Sunday, March 22.

Born in 1946 in New York City, formerly married to Alan Thicke – with whom she co-composed the theme songs Diff’rent Strokes and Facts Of Life – and mother of Robin Thicke, Loring is a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and is the author of four books about diabetes, including her newest, Living With Type 2 Diabetes: Moving Past the Fear.

Her interest in the cause of juvenile diabetes stems from the fact her son, Brennan, suffers from the condition. Following his diagnosis at age four, Loring created and self-published two volumes of the Days Of Our Lives cookbook. Those books, along with her recording A Shot in the Dark, raised more than one million dollars for diabetes research. She followed that success with two commercially published books, Kids, Food and Diabetes and Parenting a Child with Diabetes also just released on e-books.

A certified yoga instructor and champion of bio-medical research, her efforts to raise awareness of health issues is untiring. She recently promoted her new book on The View, where she spoke and sang of her commitment to those with diabetes and other chronic diseases. She is a spokesperson for Mini Pharmacy – a family-owned-and-operated business providing convenient home delivery prescription services – and hosts a PSA for the National Disease Research Interchange, a non-profit organization that provides human cells, tissues and organs for research purposes.

TV Tunez Tonight will take place at the Music Box at the Fonda Theatre in Hollwood at 7:30pm on March 22. The performance will draw on themes from sit-coms and dramas to westerns, sci-fi, sports, game shows and commercials. Along with Loring’s “Friends and Lovers” and “Facts of Life”, the show will feature music from High School Musical, Popeye, Peter Gunn, American Bandstand, Brady Bunch, Petticoat Junction, and the Olympics. Audience involvement, user video clips from fans, surprise guests and the requisite sing-alongs will be part of the theatrical experience. Five-time Emmy Award-winning art director RenĂ© Lagler will design the production.

To watch a video interview between Leeza Gibbons and Gloria Loring, click here. For information about tickets, head to Gloria Loring’s website.

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