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Actor Ed Begley Jr. has launched a forum-based community website with the goal of promoting and enabling sustainable living.

Set up with the help of partners Tim Matteson and Joseph Gutwirth, aims to be a one-stop resource for all things green.

Begley says, “I have been doing this stuff since 1970 – driving an electric car, composting, recycling – and I’ve always tried to set a good example for others who are interested in sustainable living. It’s not only been good for the environment, but it’s been good for my pocketbook. With FIXINGTHEPLANET.COM, my hope is that people have one place to go where they can find answers to their questions.”

Co-founder Tim Matteson says, “The need for a community site like FIXINGTHEPLANET.COM is long overdue. Since the launch we’ve been overwhelmed by the response and number of new registered users who finally feel they can have a voice and actually participate within the movement as they learn and share.”

The founders estimate that they will have more than 500,000 registered users by the end of this year alone and well over 2,000,000 within 2008. They hope that user-generated content and information on the site will make the site a definitive meeting point for sustainable living supporters.

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