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Fall Out Boy's Peter Wentz played a special gig in Washington DC on Saturday, April 25, to raise money and awareness of Invisible Children, and blogged in the Huffington Post about why the cause is so close to his heart.

“Invisible Children is staging an event called the RESCUE, in 100 cities across 10 countries worldwide. Thousands of people are going to symbolically ‘abduct’ themselves and stand in solidarity with all the abducted children forced to fight as soldiers,” he wrote before the gig. "In turn, every group will be ‘rescued’ by a celebrity, politician, local luminary — someone who will make noise and bring the media out. I will be there, in Washington, D.C. standing in solidarity with thousands of other people so that these kids in Uganda will be noticed. And if no cultural leader shows up in one particular city, then everyone in the surrounding cites that were rescued, will take a bus to join them. This will continue until every participating city is rescued. Now, this could take days, or even weeks, but it’s going to happen.

“I thoroughly believe that after April 25th, the world will see a shift in consciousness, and things will be different. You will be changed, or at least you’ll have a hell of a story to tell. Go to and watch their new film called The Rescue of Joseph Kony’s Child Soldiers to learn more about the specifics of why this is the next step. Then sign up. This is your chance to be a part of something great, not for the glory, but for the courage it takes to stand up for justice.”

Invisible Children is an organization that draws attention to the issue of kidnapped child fighters in Uganda and the Congo.

“They’re a movement of people who literally gave up everything because they believed in humanity. They put their money where their mouth is. I watched the film Invisible Children: Rough Cut a while back, about kids sleeping in the streets in Northern Uganda — hundreds of them — because they feared being abducted by rebel leader Joseph Kony and forced to fight in his rebel militia, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). They’re kids. Except no one told them they were, so they carry AK-47s, kill their parents and murder, rape and terrorize their own people on command. In the past two decades, 30,000 of them have been abducted. This is a reality neither you nor I could ever begin to understand. It was one of those times in my life where I was given a choice — continue ignoring the issue because it wasn’t in front of me, or forget about myself and do something.”

The RESCUE events around the US also featured appearances by Kirsten Dunst,Kristen Bell and Ryan Gosling.

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