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As the European Commission is finalising a new law on animal experimentation across the European Union, actress Gillian Anderson and PETA want to make sure that it comes out in favour of the animals.

Anderson has emailed a letter to the European Parliament asking for Europe “to stop returning to the darkest days of vivisection. I urge you to act in the interests of compassion when the MEPs vote on the proposed directive on the protection of animals used in scientific procedures. I have been dismayed to learn of proposals introduced to the draft legislation which will have a devastating effect on animal welfare and completely prevent governments from effectively regulating animal experiments on behalf of the citizens of the European Union. Please vote to protect animals, promote good science and ensure proper oversight in the First Reading of the proposed directive in May.”

PETA is urging the public to also contact their Members of European Parliament to make their opinions heard. PETA’s website says, “Many of those who use animals will be resisting our changes and lobbying the politicians to try to water down the proposals that already exist. Those who oppose us have money and influence, and we must counter them by ensuring that politicians know that voters want to see real protection for animals.”

Determined to hold her MEP accountable, Gillian ends her letter: “Please contact me (through PETA) to let me know how you intend to vote on this critical issue. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

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