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Actress and activist Mia Farrow has ended her hunger strike to raise awareness over atrocities in Darfur, but is passing the torch to Richard Branson, who has taken over her fast for three days.

A spokesman for the actress said her health had deteriorated after 12 days, and her doctor requested that she end her liquids-only fast. But she asked British billionaire Branson to take over the fast for three days over the weekend.

“We all need to stand up and demand that international aid is restored and that the people of Darfur are protected and given the chance to live in peace,” said Branson.

Farrow’s hunger strike was part of Genocide Prevention Month, and attracted the support of George Clooney. The 64-year-old said the strike was “a personal expression of outrage at a world that is somehow able to stand by and watch innocent men, women and children needlessly die of starvation, thirst and disease.”

“I’m honored to be taking over the fast for the next three days from Mia Farrow in her courageous stance to support the people of Darfur,” said Branson. “Over a year and a half ago, I traveled to Darfur and was horrified by the stories that people of all ages shared with us. Young children had watched their entire family get killed and then had to survive on their own in unimaginable conditions. I was humbled and inspired by the courage of the Darfuri people and the commitment of the aid organizations that were working on the frontlines. Now, with 13 aid organizations expelled from the country, over 1m people are at grave risk. We cannot stand and watch as 1m people suffer.”

To follow the hunger strike and lend your support, visit the Fast For Darfur website.

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