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Sir Mick Jagger's ex-wife Bianca joined controversial rocker Jon McClure for a campaign to encourage kids to get political. The two discussed greed in this aptly titled speed-debate dubbed ‘The Need For Greed,’ which took place May 26 at London’s famous Boogaloo Pub.

The debate is part of the Instigate Debate Project designed to help young people to engage with political issues and is supported by the likes of Carl Barat and Babyshambles’ Drew McConnell.

If you didn’t watch the debate, you can still get involved via the Instigate Debate website and might even get a private gig out of it. Instigate Debate is a new idea and an interesting experiment. They offer an avenue for exchange between the public and public figures, without the hindrance of media spin.

It’s simple – whoever you are, wherever you are – if you spot a public figure, ask them a question, film the response (on your cellular phone) and send it to them.

Instigate Debate promises everyone who submits a video that a group of some of the UK’s best musicians – Jon McClure, Tom Clarke (The Enemy), Carl Barat (Dirty Pretty Things), Drew McConnell (Babyshambles) and others – will play a set in your home for you and your friends! They will do as many of these gigs as humanly possible. No matter where you are in the UK, they will come to you.

For more info or to get involved, please visit Instigate Debate.

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