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Kim Kardashian has blogged about her recent trip to Africa for Russell Simmons' Diamond Empowerment Fund.

“The Diamond Empowerment Fund has brought us to Botswana to show us how the diamond industry has changed the life of the Botswana people,” she wrote. “I used to assume after watching the movie Blood Diamonds that diamonds were not acceptable to buy from Africa. However, it is the complete opposite! When diamonds are purchased, the whole country can survive! In Botswana there used to be 10 schools but the diamond industry has now funded 300 schools!”

After visiting a school for children of the miners, Kardashian – accompanied by boyfriend Reggie Bush and sister Khloe – visited the new African Leadership Academy.

“I was so impressed with these students. They were so smart and so ambitious! The Diamond Empowerment Fund is going to help sponsor this amazing school called the African Leadership Academy. The kids were kind enough to meet with us and share their stories of how they basically came from nothing and have had the opportunity to get free college funding, and when they graduate if they cannot find a job then they never have to pay back their tuition fees. They supply all the skills to create their own business so they can start working while still at the university.”

The group also visited feeding centers and schools for sick children.

“We all went to a feeding center where kids and older women were fed twice daily. We made them milk by mixing powder and hot water and fed them slices of bread. These kids were so appreciative! Khloe had a camera and they were all in such awe of it! She would take pictures and then show them their own photo and they would scream! They were so lovable and they were crying when we left!

“The children’s school was particularly sad. The children here were sick with HIV and AIDS and many had been abandoned. We spent time with these kids and just seeing how they held on to us made us never want to let go! I will continue to pray for these babies! It was so sad to hear all their stories. Breaks your heart.”

To read more about Kim Kardashian’s trip to Africa, visit her official blog.

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