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British actor Hugh Grant has thrown his support behind a new website for cancer sufferers.

The star is helping spread awareness of in memory of his late mother, who died of the disease in 2001.

“When my mother was diagnosed… eight years ago, the doctors were great but you did want, and I know she wanted, more information,” said Grant. “You wanted to really hear it from the horse’s mouth – what is this thing like? What’s it like to experience it? You know, what are the options? What are the possibilities? I went on this website, HealthTalkOnline, and it was just so far superior to anything that was available then and frankly anything that’s available now. The vast majority of these health websites you end up on are sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies and are just slightly slanted. They have a commercial aspect. This is all done by top Oxford doctors and is the website of quality, I think.”

The site gives out advice and encourages patients to share their stories about illnesses by gathering interviews about their first-hand experiences.

To watch a BBC interview with Hugh Grant about the website, click here. To visit the website, click here.

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