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Jackie Chan has written about last month’s charity trip through Asia for the Dragon's Heart Charity.

“Although I am proud of my films, I am also very proud of my charity work,” said the action star. "Actually, I feel very lucky because I know that if I wasn’t famous, I couldn’t do as much. That’s why I think that celebrities have a responsibility to use their fame to bring attention to the problems in our world. Fans often imitate the behaviors of celebrities; I saw this for the first time when I was very young and just becoming famous. I noticed that the children were mimicking my movements and actions. At that time, my behavior wasn’t really admirable; I was so young and I became famous so quickly. I was spoiled and irresponsible with money and didn’t think much about being a role model. Luckily I changed my behavior as I got older and I always tried to add some good messages into my movies. If the fans are going to copy what I do, then I want to make sure I do the right thing. The same goes with the charity work.

“Many of my fans have written to me to tell me that they became involved in charity because of what they read on my website about the Dragon’s Heart Foundation and the Build a School project. I have heard dozens of stories about the work that my fans have done to support my charities. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my fans who have made a donation to my charity. I also want to thank those who have taken their time to work on fundraising projects. Thank you! I love you!

“So even if you’re not famous, you can do something to help others. Of course, it helps if you are famous because more people can see what you’re doing and attention can be brought to the needs of others. But there is no amount that’s too small when it comes to donations.”


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