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On Saturday, December 19th, Ne-Yo sent out a tweet announcing the First Annual Fund Raising Program for Compound Entertainment.

This year’s recipients will be the Reseda Cowboys, a football team and cheer group managed by the Valley Youth Conference, a non-profit located in Reseda, California, established in 1966. Valley Youth is a 100% volunteer organization with over 10,000 participants. Their activities cover the entire San Fernando Valley, and they have a year-round sport program, which the Reseda Cowboys are part of. The program nurtures boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 14. This nonprofit seeks to: “provide a safe, healthy environment for the youth to develop in both athletics and citizenship. We encourage scholastic achievement first and foremost, and have awarded thousand of dollars in academic scholarships since 1966 to graduation senior boys and girls who had participated.”

The winners can win a seat to a special luncheon with the team through a series of auctions running from December 21st to December 25th.

For more information on this auction, go to the 2009 Compound Fundraiser page. Also check out Ne-Yo’s blog for more about his giving back.

Good luck!

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