On Saturday, January 23, 2010, thousands of LA youth will rally as one to run and to show an amazing demonstration of support for the millions of people affected by the Haiti devastation.

As a fund-raising vehicle for the Haitian Earthquake Relief, film and television actor, Josh Duhamel, is mobilizing relief by pulling together a youth run, “Youth Run 4 Haiti.” Duhamel has joined forces with American Red Cross of Santa Monica to inspire and empower youth around the globe to unite and Run 4 Haiti.

Josh Duhamel has a long history of supporting the American Red Cross and has taken the Santa Monica chapter under his wing. He will be joined by Ryan Seacrest at the event.

Aligned with his advocacy in adolescent diabetes and youth fitness, Josh is promoting a physical health and humanitarian movement. Leading the pact, along with his personal trainer, Don Brooks of Don-A-Matrix Training, he and thousands of youth will run on the beach of Santa Monica. Rallying together, this movement will make a powerful statement for youth across the world. It will be an expression of their connection to the pain and the suffering of Haiti victims. The reward for “Youth Run 4 Haiti” runners is priceless; the feeling of accomplishment among the youth will be tremendous. Being a part of history and this movement will be an experience like no other for the youth.

Duhamel has created a social network site for youth to sign-up for the run, to offer encouraging messages of support for the Haiti victims, and to unify with other youth around the world who are also in search of ways to help and support. The website: www.youthrun4haiti.com.

The Run

The emergency response two mile youth run will be on the Santa Monica Beach @ Beach Park #1 where Ocean Park Blvd. meets Barnard Way. Children of all ages are invited and encouraged to join in the run which will start @ Beach Park #1, go up the beach for one mile and return to the start area for a total of two miles.

ALL monies collected for the run will go to the American Red Cross effort for Haitian Earthquake Relief. Runners are asked to pay a minimum entrance fee of $10. For complete information, go to the Santa Monica chapter website: www.redcrossofsantamonica.org and click on “Youth Run.”

American Red Cross Responds to Devastation

Information about Haitian relief efforts can also be found on the chapter web site. The American Red Cross has pledged to assist people and communities impacted by the earthquake in Haiti, and is prepared to take further action as local responders assess the situation.

There is widespread damage in Port au Prince and continuing aftershocks. The American Red Cross is deploying disaster management specialists, medical and other relief supplies to Haiti. Estimates are more than a million people may be homeless and the death toll could easily be in the tens of thousands. Injuries are too numerous to estimate… Support for the relief effort from the public is urgently needed.

The American Red Cross of Santa Monica, is a publicly supported, 501©(3) nonprofit corporation that provides health and safety education, youth services, blood services, CPR and first aid training, disaster awareness and disaster relief efforts.

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