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Mandy Moore shared her feelings recently and blogged in the Huffington Post about a way people can help Haiti recover from the recent earthquake.

She said, “I’ve found myself glued to the news…watching images of disaster flash across the screen. I’m sickened and heartbroken by the thought of tens of thousands who have lost their lives and the millions more who are without even the most basic necessities. In good times, the people of Haiti had little…now they have nothing.”

Moore is an ambassador for the global health organization Population Services International, and its child health and safe water program, Five & Alive. She traveled with PSI to Southern Sudan last year, and was “inspired by their ability to reach people in the most remote areas with water purification products.” Moore believes that PSI could make a great impact in Haiti as well.

“PSI’s top priority is making sure that there is a constant supply of clean, safe drinking water in the hard-hit capital of Port-au-Prince. Before the earthquake, only 54 percent of the Haitian population had access to clean, safe drinking water. I can only imagine how much worse the situation is now.”

For just 50 cents, PSI can provide safe drinking water to a family of four in Haiti for an entire month. That means it would only take $6 to provide a family with clean water for an entire year.

To donate money to the cause, visit

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