Music Artist and Fashion Designer Jessica Simpson, along with friends Celebrity Hair Stylist Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb, have teamed up with Soles4Souls through to raise funds to send immediate relief to the victims of the devastated country of Haiti.

The charity has already pledged one million pairs of shoes to be distributed to Haitians during a sustained giving plan in coordination with other agencies.

“Let’s all do everything that we can for the victims in Haiti,” said Jessica Simpson. “Just five dollars will buy two people a pair of shoes.”

Donating is easy at It requires no shipping and no trips to the post office. The suggested donation is very affordable, with $5.00 buying two pairs of new shoes.

Money raised will go specifically toward the Haitian relief effort. According to Soles4Souls, a pair of new shoes is absolutely necessary in order for the Haitian survivors to be effective in the rescue and rebuilding efforts amidst broken glass, twisted metal and raw sewage.

Through the new world of blogging, emailing, twittering, and through many other forms of social media, Jessica, Ken, and Cacee’s support will help spread the charity’s mission to “Change the World, One Pair at a Time.” Their fans can follow them on Twitter at,, and They can also catch all three celebrities on their new VH1 show The Price of Beauty airing on March 15, 2010. For air times, please visit .

Source: Soles4Souls

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