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Miley Cyrus is auctioning off her glamorous teal Herve Legere dress that she wore at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Miley wants to do everything she can to help raise money to support Haiti relief, and she said. “I’m going to auction it off on eBay afterward for the Red Cross. It’s the little things you can do.”

The elegant dress was worn by the 17-year-old teen mega star at the most prominent award show for music, which hosted a gallery of spectacular performances by Pink, Lady Ga Ga, Beyonce and a moving tribute to Michael Jackson.

Miley also revealed that she is going to be part of the ‘We Are the World’ remake and she states “I think everybody who is collaborating on that is really talented.”

Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie will also be involved in this charitable project, and were involved in the original 1985 release with Michael Jackson to aid famine relief in Africa.

Miley went on to say, “I think it’s really important that everybody come together because disaster relief isn’t just now. It’s how we’re going to help years from now. We have to restore an entire place. It just can’t be one person, one foundation, one group of people. All people have to come together and that’s what ‘We Are the World’ is all about.”

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