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On Saturday, February 20, Will Ferrell and a handful of others hit the stage for a comedy filled night for the charity A Better LA.

Comedians such as Tenacious D, Nick Swardson, Flight Of The Conchords’ Demetri Martin, Rob Riggle, John C. Reilly, Tim and Eric from Adult Swim and Aubrey Plaza joined Ferrell to raise money to protect youth from violence in the LA area. Most of the comedians tickled everyone’s funny bone with their stand-up comedy, but Tenacious D and Will Ferrell went a different route. Jack Black and Kyle Glass serenaded the crowd and Ferrell ended the show by letting his backside hang out while he sported a snuggie.

Tickets ranged from $45.00 to $250.00 and all proceeds went directly to the “A Better LA” charity. This charity was founded by Pete Carroll in an attempt to transform Los Angeles communities. The goal is to reduce violence and make the streets safer for the youth that reside in Los Angeles. A Better LA hopes to empower communities to allow their children to play outside without fear by creating change from within. To view their website, please visit

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