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Demi Lovato took to Twitter this week to encourage fans to put an end to bullying at schools.

RIP Phoebe Prince, a young teen who was bullied to death. People don’t realize how serious bullying is these days,” she wrote. “Verbal abuse IS (if not more) as serious as physical harassment. PLEASE make a difference in your school.”

Phoebe Prince was a teenager from Massachusetts who committed suicide in January following constant bullying at school.

PLEASE put an end to catty fights and ugly rumors,” wrote Demi. "It’s not worth it. YOU can be the difference in your school/city and could save lives. Talk to the girls/boys in your class about how serious verbal abuse and cyber bullying can be.

“I would’ve done anything to give Phoebe a hug, relate to one another, and tell her it was going to be okay. My heart and prayers go out to Phoebe’s friends and family. I’m here for you.

“Hopefully these cruel teens opened up their eyes & see how much damage they cause. They will learn one day. Everyone should just get along. After everything, we all bleed the same colour.”

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